Chase Vincent Malone, aka "Cha Cha Malone"


Born and Raised in Seattle, WA.  Grew up in central distrct "The CD" near downtown.  One of the rougher areas of Seattle in the 90's.  


It actually wasn’t until 2007-09 that I considered taking my music to a higher calling. Art/Illustration was always my thing ever since I was 2 or 3. I would draw literally every day up until middle school–I had trouble
focusing in class. I wanted to get my ideas out on paper whenever my weird imagination sparked something [laughs]. Music has resonated with me since about 3rd grade when my mom bought me a tiny 25-key Casio keyboard.
My mom used to be heavy into singing and I think a lot of that rubs off on me. She had this little dual cassette karaoke box that I would take to my room and start recording my keyboard’s sounds with the microphone. Eventually
I found ways to layer the sounds using two different cassette tapes…I don’t even remember how I did that [laughs]. All around that time (1994-95) I had a couple good friends who used to rap with me (Me? Rapping? Well, I tried). We
were fortunate enough to have gotten setup with some studio time via one of my mother’s gig managers. That was my first exposure to a studio environment and it really inspired me. I stopped making my homemade music for a while
near the end of elementary school because I started to cherish a short lived dream of getting drafted to the NBA [laughs]. I was too occupied with basketball up until 7th grade. My second year of middle school was a change for me because I started liking girls [laughs] and I also began my journey into b-boy culture.
During this time period computers started to make their way into more people’s homes. A friend of mine whom I met through dancing (B-boy Fidget from Fraggle Rock Crew) had this beat-making software called Fruity Loops. Once I started using that program more, my love for creating music
was rekindled. Still, becoming a professional producer was not even remotely a thought. Back then I found the art path to be more practical. Throughout high school my music production began to improve and I was always hungry for feedback to get even better.

As expected, I received mixed feedback, but the good outweighed the bad. Everything was constructive in my mind so I developed somewhat of an ability to hate my own work and I grew passionate at the problem solving aspect. I started to meet more beat-makers near the end of high school.
I then learned the definition of producer throughout research and I was driven to obtain such a title. To do that, I began penning lyrics and arranging complete songs. These songs were inspired by my relationships and other artists I had been listening to at the time. Fast forward to the end of
2009, my friend and b-boy crew member Jay Park returned back to Seattle from being in Korea for quite a few years. I think I told him I was a producer and gave him a CD of beats or something. I told him I was down to make music for him while he was in Seattle. Not long after, he contacted me and said he was down to work. At the
time, I had just graduated from college and finding a job was very difficult for anyone without 3-5 years of art industry experience. Not that I regret attending school to pursue concept art by any means, but when art became homework and classes were crazy long, I just grew tired of doing it…All the while I was in school,

I always found my self making time to compose music. That never got old. It still doesn’t. Blessed by Jay’s kindness and creative trust in me, he continued to work with me and he opened doors to the professional world. In 2010, the first two songs we ever collaborated on were “Bestie” and “Speechless” and I am thankful
that those songs were very well received. Things started progressing from then.

Since then, I have had the privilege of working with and being connected to some reputable names within the Korean music industry.  I currently compose songs for Korea with a team consisting of topliners; Tesung Kim (Kim Tae Sung) and Andrew Choi, under the name IconicSounds.